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C405-15N C405-15N Datatronic 8 channels Datatronic 8 channels

8 Channels acquisition and processing data system, 24 bit resolution.Electronic advanced technology, colour touch screen 1/4 VGA, high graphic performances, the unit automatically performs test and data processing. A certificate can be printed through a printer (optional) directly connected to the unit through the USB port The Cyber-Plus is equipped with slots for external pendrive or SD card infinite memory supports, it can be directly connected to a PC.
Contained in a practical and sturdy watertight carrying case, can be powered from an electrical network 90-270 V or use the internal battery and charger granting one full day on-site use.

Data acquisition system for: flat jacks / deflectometers for tests on ceilings, bridges, etc. / Plate bearing test. C405-15N