PGI 900067 SmartRock 2™ sensor

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PGI 900067
SmartRock 2™ wireless concrete temperature/maturity logger with 40 cm temperature sensor, free iOS and Android application for smartphone or tablet, quick user guide

•Wireless Bluetooth technology
•Ruggedized and waterproof design
•Real-time data (e.g. temperature, strength, maturity, max-min temperature) display
•Continuous measurement and recording of temperature
•Easy activation through tying the wires together (this can be used onsite to hold the sensor around rebar)
•Extended temperature sensor for deep elements and mass concrete
•Maturity calibration curve database
•Long battery life (about 4 months in room temperature)
•Operation software (Android and iOS apps) for smartphone and tablet
•Easy data sharing
•Standard cable for temperature measurement, within 30 cm from the concrete surface
•Measurement and calculation in both metric and imperial units
•Patents pending

Reading range: -30°c to 80°C
Accuracy: +/- 1°C
Measurement frequency: Once every 30 mins for 1 month
Wireless Signal Range: up to 8 meters (the recommended depth for embedding the transmitter part of the sensor in concrete is 5 cm)
Dimensions: 38x38x12 mm