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B008-01 B008-01 Spare stainless steel beaker dia. 120mm Spare stainless steel beaker dia. 120mm
B005C Bitumen content Furnace by Ignition Method EN 12697-39:2012 Bitumen content Furnace by Ignition Method EN 12697-39:2012

* Ignition method reduces testing time and costs.
* LCD touchscreen control.
* Integral fan assisted high-temperature afterburner greatly reduces emissions.
* Rapid heating main chamber with robust Ø 1 mm wire elements.
* Samples weight up to 4.5 kg
* Integral balance measures loss on ignition to 0.1 g resolution.

STANDARDS: AASHTO T308-10 | ASTM D6307-10 | BS EN 12697-39:2012
This apparatus combines a sophisticated furnace and weighing system to continuously measure weight loss during combustion, then automatically calculate binder content at the end of the test.
Considering the high temperatures involved (the furnace may reach a temperature of 750° C) the apparatus is equipped with suitable safety systems to ensure that the furnace door is kept shut during the test and that the heating elements are deactivated any time the door is opened. 
Analysis can be made on a sample of maximum 4.5 kg and most tests are completed in 20 to 45 minutes. Average test
times from 20 mins for 6 mm aggregates, to 45 mins for 40 mm aggregates.
An independently controlled afterburner with exhaust fan and vent reduces emissions so low that no aspiration hood is needed. An RS 232 serial port allows the apparatus to be connected to an external optional balance to capture automatically the initial weight of samples.
A large, easy-to-read, back-lit digital display updates all data in realtime.
At the end of the test an alarm sounds, the door is unlocked and all the results are printed: the printer may also be programmed to print data at minute intervals while test is in progress.

The integral microprocessor controlled weighing and calculation system is configurable to allow variations to the
standard test method. Test result reports are available in both printed and software format. Protective Gloves to be ordered separately.
Supplied complete with 2 sample baskets, cover, basket stand, sample basket loading handle, sample basket clips and 2 rolls of printer tapes.
External dimensions: 980(h) x 600(w) x 775(d) mm
Internal dimensions: 220(h) x 350(w) x 450(d) mm
Power supply: 400V 3ph 50Hz 8000W
Max Temperature: 750 °C
Weight: 120 kg approx. B005C