03 Rebar investigation (4 articles)
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CJ-RHR8000 CJ-RHR8000 James Mini R Rebar locator James Mini R-Meter Rebar Locator


•Rebar Locating  Detection and Orientation 

•Measurement of Concrete Cover

•Concrete Drilling and Sawing

•Repair and Rehabilitation

•Location of Prestressed Cables


Features & Benefits

•Eddy current design for greater accuracy.

•Single sensor for all depth ranges.

•Daylight visible display

•Locates up to 8" (200mm)


•Store Data for Later Upload via USB


Product Information

The Mini R-Meter™ is a rugged digital hand-held field instrument for finding the location and depth of reinforcement bars in place.

The Mini R-Meter™ is light weight and inexpensive, and an easy to use unit to locate rebar. Rebar detection of up to 10" (250mm) can be accomplished when locating large diameter rebar. An easy to read display and a 4 hr battery life are just a few advantages that make the Mini R-Meter one of the most advanced hand held units in the field today. The sensor design allows the end user to quickly and accurately locate and determine concrete cover in corners or hard to reach areas. The system allows the user to select between Imperial and Metric units, and the data can be saved in the instrument for posterior uploading to a computer. The data is saved in the system with the date and time of the record to help identify prior test taken. The Mini R-Meter rebar locator is also capable of locating non-ferrous metals.

The eddy current sensor was specifically designed to react with the presence of currents on the outer surface of metal objects. It is uninfluenced by small metal particles in the concrete, whether the concrete is fresh or hardened, wet, or dry. The eddy current sensor also allows the unit to locate both ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals in concrete; thereby finding not only steel reinforcing bars accurately, but also tendons, copper tubing, conduit, and more. 

The latest in microprocessor technology not only conditions the signal from the sensor for more accurate and dependable results, but also provides the user with the information they need.

Built in memory can store over 150 individual data points for later processing.

Min R-Meter in use

 Detection and Orientation of Rebar
The exact position and orientation of rebar can be measured quickly and accurately. Rebar-free areas can be identified for coring, grinding, resurfacing, or insertion of new machinery mountings. 

The instrument can be used to inspect new structures for compliance with specifications as well as old structures under modification.

Measurement of Concrete Cover
The exact position and orientation of rebar can be measured quickly and accurately. Knowing the size of the rebar, concrete cover can be detected and the distance between the concrete and the surface it will appear in the easy to read display.

Location of Metals
Locate any metals, as pipe, flues, wire, and sheets embedded in concrete, masonry, or wood. Identification is possible to a depth of 10 inches.

Location of Pre-Stressed Cables
Locates the position of cables and lost tendon splices in pre or post tension concrete products.


Operating temperature range: -5 C to 45 C (23 deg F to 113 F)

Bar Size Calibration: 3/8" to 1-3/8"

Max. Detection Range: 10" (No.11 Bar) 250 mm (36 mm Bar)

Power Source: 2 AA

Battery Life:   4 hours continuous operation

Software: Windows Compatible/ USB Required

HR-8000 and HR-8100 only:

Operating Weight:  Less than 3.5 pounds (1.60 Kg)

MIT307-200 MIT-SCAN-T2: Thickness measuring device MIT-SCAN-T2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a6X09v8hE0 Dowel Scan2
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