05 Carbonation and Chloride (2 articles)
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V300-58   V300-58 Phenolphthalein solution 1 %, 1 liter Phenolphèalein solution 1 %, 1 liter
CJ-CL3000 C375-3000 Chloride Field Test System Chloride Field Test System

Product Information Features & Benefits
• Fast - Results within minutes at the site.
• Economical - Low cost per sample compared to laboratory testing.
• Accurate - Results are comparable to laboratory testing.
• Covers wide range from 0.002% to 2% chloride by weight
• Internal Memory to store readings for later upload to a PC via USB .
• Digital display for direct reading of percentage of chloride by weight.
• Menu in English and Spanish.

The Chlorimeter™ produces results on-site, within minutes that are accurate and comparable to expensive laboratory
tests. It measures the electrochemical reaction of a weighted sample placed in an extraction liquid. It automatically
shows a temperature compensated reading of percent of chlorides on its digital display. A wide range - from 0.002 to
2% chloride by weight - is covered

Chlorimeter Field Test System
• Service life prediction
• Corrosion analysis CJ-CL3000.jpg