07 Corrosion analysis (8 articles)
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P392 50 001   P392 50 001 Profometer Corrosion Profometer Corrosion without electrodes

Advanced half-cell measuring instrument for on-site mapping of the corrosion potential. Dedicated software for assisted measurements with rod and wheel electrodes. Statistical software for immediate data interpretation. 

Customer bedenfits: High productivity with unique wheel electrodes 
Advanced processing and reporting tools
Easy upgradable with cover meter functionality for combined testing

Measuring Range -999 to +999 mV
Available Upgrades To Profometer 6 Cover Meters
Measured Quantity Corrosion potential [mV]
Accuracy  ±1 mV

Profometer touchscreen, interface box, battery charger, cable coil l=25 m (82 ft) with clamp, USB cable, DVD with software, documentation, carrying strap and carrying case P392 50 001 1
P392 50 001
P392 50 010   P392 50 010 Rod electrode copper/copper sulphate Rod electrode copper/copper sulphate with spare parts

 P392 50 010 2
P392 50 010
PGI ICOR   PGI iCOR™ - Full Package iCOR™ unit, USB cable, Communication software, User manual, Connection sponges, Conductive gel

ICOR ™ is a portable device that can measure several parameters of the concrete surface and it can analyze the concrete with the use of advanced algorithms built into the device. These fast calculations can correctly determine the "corrosion rate" in the reinforcement which is the most important parameter in assessing the service life of a concrete structure.

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PGI 900067 Smart Rock for measuring temperature and strengh of the concrete
PGI 900068 BlueRock for measuring temperature and humidity of the concrete

https://www.giatecscientific.com/icor/ PGI ICOR.jpg
P330 01 001  P330 01 001 one wheel electrode Profometer Corrosion one wheel electrode with telescopic rod

1.7 m (5.6 ft), encoder, cables, spare parts, tool kit, copper sulphate (250 g), citric acid  P330 01 001
P330 01 001
P330 01 004  P330 01 004 Canin 4-wheel electrode Canin 4-wheel electrode
with telescopic rod 1.7 m (5.6 ft), encoder,
cables, spare parts, toolkit, copper sulphate
(250 g), citric acid(250 g), carrying case P330 01 004.jpg
P330 01 004
P392 50 002  P392 50 002 Upgrade to Profometer Corrosion P392 50 002 Upgrade to Profometer Corrosion
consisting of interface box, calbe coil, l = 25m (82ft) with clamp, DVD with software, documentation and carrying case P392 50 002
P392 50 002
PGI CELL_ESSENTIAL  PGI CELL  Essential Package (Smartphone operation device) XCell™ Probe, Data Recording App. for Smart Phone, Alligator Test Clip, BNC Measurement Cable, BNC Charging Cable, USB cable, Contact Sponge, Electrode Storage Solution, User Manual, Carrying Case. (Smartphone is not included)

https://www.giatecscientific.com/corrosion/xcell/ PGI ESSENTIAL
PGI 900080 Xcell Package with Tablet XCell™ Comprehensive Package (Tablet operation device)
XCell™ Probe, Tablet with hands-free carrying support, Data analysis App., Alligator test clips (2 types), Test cable, Charging cable, Tablet USB cable, USB charger, Extension arm,  3 pieces of contact sponge, Electrode storage solution, User manual, Carrying case, Verification probe, Extension reel, User manual, Carrying Case, External Battery Pack (Tablet is included). PGI CELL.jpg
PGI 900080