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C382   C382 Schmidt test hammer Standard Schmidt test hammer N

Oryginal Schmidt concrete test hammer type N: 

The high quality concrete test hammers are the most widely used portable NDT measuring instruments for a rapid assessment of the condition of a concrete structural components. Each hammer is designed for specific test applications.

In type N the rebound values are read directly from the scale. Testing the compressive strength of a prefabricated concrete girder. Rebound values are recorded by the technician who will calculate mean values and read compressive strength values from a conversion diagram. The device allows to test a wide variety of materials and types of structure like concrete, rocks ect.

Customer benefits: Well made instrument with a wide range of applications
Proven durability and high quality of the devices
Established Proceq Swiss Made accuracy and reliability

Impact Energy: 2.207 Nm 
Measuring range: 10 to 70 N/mm2  (1,450 to 10,152 psi)

Standards: EN 12504-2; EN 13791; ASTM C 805; JGJ/T 23;JIS A 1155; ISO/DIS 8045; ASTM D 5873 (Rock)

Original Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer Type N - consisting of: Impact device, carrying case incl. grinding stone, user manual and calibration certificate C382
P34150 000 OS8000 SilverSchmidt test hammer ST Type N OS8200 N

Silver Schmidt test hammer ST type N

The SilverSchmidt is a unique integrated concrete test hammer featuring true rebound value calculated from the quotient of the impact velocity and rebound velocity to provide maximum accuracy. 

Automatic calcuation of rebound value according to international standards
Best in class correlation with least dispersion for specific concrete mixes
Extremely durable with long service intervals when compared with classical hammer

ST: Standard model. Hammerlink software provided for performing firmware upgrades and selecting statistics presets only. Useful memory limited to the last 20 series.
N-Type standard impact energy. The test object should have a min. thickness of 100 mm and be firmly fixed in the structure

Impact Energy 2.207 Nm	
Compression resistance range: 10 to 100 N/mm2

The device offers:
Predefined curves, Custom curves, Form factor correction, Impact angle correction, Carbonation correction, User defined and Standardized statistics, Single button programming of settings

According with standards: 
EN 12504-2; EN 13791; ASTM C 805

SilverSchmidt Concrete Test Hammer, standard accessories (battery charger with USB cable, data carrier with software, carrying strap, grinding stone, chalk, documentation) and carrying bag Proceq OS8200 N
P34150 000